About the building

Transylvania Building is part of Iuliu Maniu Square assembly and, together with the buildings of the City hall, the National college SILVANIA, the County Cultural Department, the park and the existing urban fittings (including the Wesselenyi statue, the fountain), it forms a pictorial and valuable assembly, both urban and architectural.
Transylvania Building is registered on the list of Historical Monuments 2010, position 330, code SJ-II-m-B-04992, and is dated back to 1895.

The historical building is an example of eclectic construction from the end of the XIXth century, from Transylvania and it was built during several stages; its functions during its existence were administrative (town hall), restaurant and coffee shop, dancing hall and theatre, printing house, cinema, book store, bank, library, tourism agency, other kind of shops.
The main façade, fronting the historical centre (Iuliu Maniu Square), is symmetrical, with a center aisle, higher and ornate.